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PIC Wires and Cables Rewarded For Developing Unique Design “MACHFORCE” Connector

The Angelus Corporation manufactures products that act as a support base for aerospace and defense industries. The products are manufactured at a global outlook that offers several solutions to these industries. The Angelus Corporation has an immense contribution to the aero and defense industries for the last 45 years. Moreover, the Angelus Corporation divisions include “PIC Wire” and “CertfiyNation”. PIC Wire Cables are specialized in providing aircraft cables, cable assemblies, and connectors. Moreover, CertfiyNation is involved in offering certification, engineering, knitting solution, with several decades of experience in aero and defense industry. The two divisions’ expansion plans and strategies make the vision of the Angelus Corporation successful and make the customer job easier.

PIC Wires a division of the Angelus Corporation rewarded with the 2019 military and aerospace technology innovation award for its immense contribution to these industries. The award was presented in relation to its unique design and development of the connector “MACHFORCE[u1] ” that helps to solve the high-speed data interconnection challenges.

PIC Wires is specialized in developing products with high performance interconnects solutions. Recently, they expanded its product offerings by introducing a new line of products specialized in providing solutions with the help of the newly designed connectors. Two months back the new MACHFORCE was introduced to the market in the Association of United States Army (AUSA) in 2019 Annual Meeting. The design released was unique with special features that involve 10G data connectors utilize for rugged data applications. In addition, MACHFORCE was made a patent design that provides the market with a large density up to 10G Ethernet Connector with advanced features. The advanced features include:

The model D38999 possess 10G Ethernet ports to optimize space and maximize data density

Easy termination and repairable accessories. Moreover, has quick access to terminated wires, sockets, tools, and 22D pins

Anti-decoupling ring features provide exposure to connect or disconnect easily with the help of gloved hands

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