8 Best Alternatives To Groovy Bot

Over the past few years, Discord has become one of the best gaming chat platforms. It has brought many radical changes to the world of gaming. With the help of Discord, you can communicate with fellow players while playing a game. Its ability to integrate Discord Bots is one of the best features. But one of the fan’s favourite Discord bots is the Groovy bot that allows them to add background music while chatting with your friends.

8 Best Alternatives To Groovy Bot

However, Groovy bots were one of the favourites of millennials. But its sudden shutdown has brought disappointment to many fans. If you are also one of those fans who got disheartened after the shutdown news of Discord music bots, get ready to experience some alternatives. Yes, we got some drool-worthy Groovy bot alternatives that you must try.

What do you mean by Groovy bot?

You must be knowing about Groovy if you ever used Discord. Groovy is a Discord music bot that will allow you to stream music online and share it collectively with people on your Discord server.

Compared to other music bots, Groovy supports various music websites. There is no requirement to sign up for any device to get started with Groovy. It comes with a host of features, including changing the bot output volume.

Also, it supports various audio effects such as night core, Bass boost and vaporwave. However, Groovy is free of cost, but still it has an option for premium functionality. If you are wondering about the reason behind the shutdown of the Groovy Discord music bot, keep reading this article.

Why does the Groovy bot get shut down?

If you ever used Groovy, you might know that it pulled all the music from YouTube, which is the primary reason behind the Groovy shutting down. According to the guidelines of Google, Groovy is violating YouTube’s terms and conditions by using its content for commercial purposes.

Due to this, YouTube issued a cease-and-desist order to the Groovy developers and asked them to shut down the service within seven days. The developers took the order seriously and decided to shut down the music bot on 30 August.

Alternatives to Groovy Bot

Check out the list of best alternatives to Groovy bot that you must try in 2021.

  1. Fredboat

The free boat is powerful music playing bot that supports various music websites. It can play music from direct links, YouTube, Twitch and many more. Also, it comes with a playlist feature that will allow you to set a playlist and let the songs play without putting a song.

Its search functionality is another mind-blowing feature that will allow you to search for the names of the song simply. That means you do not have to add any link to the music from YouTube or Soundcloud.

It will offer you five different options to select the music that you want to play. Due to its open-source and security features, Fredboat has become one of the trustworthy music bots.

  1. ChillBot

If you are one of the fans of Lo-fi music, ChillBot will be your perfect choice. ChillBot is a live-streaming radio station basically known for streaming lo-fi chilled songs. You can easily control this music bot with its intuitive and straightforward commands.

As it is a radio station, you cannot run your own song with this bot. That means it will only give you the real fun of an actual radio station.

  1. Octave

Octave is another one of the best alternatives to Groovy bot that you must try. It is a feature-rich and straightforward music bot that will allow you to add music to your server. It supports various features such as play/pause control, search functionality and playlist.

Also, Octave supports a Spotify built-in that will allow you to use your Spotify playlists on your server quickly. However, the server members can also vote on songs, which mean if most people disliked a song, it would get skipped.

The best thing is that it comes with a lot of customization that will allow you to set it up to be exactly the way you want it to be.

  1. ErisBot

It is an easy to use music bot that brings highly configurable commands. Compared to other bots, ErisBot will allow you to create and use your custom prefix for commands. One minus thing about this music bot is that sometimes it fails to parse the YouTube links.

Apart from it, if you are looking for a capable music bot, you will not have any problem playing music on ErisBot.

  1. Tony Bamanaboni XD

You might face difficulties pronouncing the name, but it is a simple and easy to use music bot. It does everything just like the Groovy Discord music bot, including searching for music, play/pause, queue music and auto-playlist.

Tony Bamanaboni XD plays music from various platforms like YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and much more. Its ability to use audio filters to change the music output is the feature that differentiates it from other music bots.

Also, the music bot will allow you to use filters such as pitch, bass boost and speed.

  1. Zandercarft

Zandercraft is also the best alternative known for its productivity, GIFs and fun features. It will allow you to play music in XHD and Hi-Fi songs. Zandercraft is going to be a perfect tool for servers if you are a music junkie.

It supports various features, including adding songs to queue, search functionality, play/pause and creating a playlist. You should definitely go for Zandercraft if you are looking for a Discord music bot to handle streaming Hi-Fi music.

7. BMO

It is much more than a Discord music bot that supports image manipulations, supports games and utilities. If you are interested in the musical functionalities of the bots, you must go for this.

In terms of music features, BMO is quite essential. With the help of BMO, you can simply search for songs, play and then add them to the queue. It worked pretty fast and played songs of excellent quality.

One minus point about BMO is that its commands are a little more complicated, which means you have to spend some time understanding them.

8. MEE6

It is an excellent music bot for your Discord server that comes with a visual player letting you control your music. You can simply drag and drop to rearrange the songs instead of using any complicated commands.

It includes fantastic features like 24/7 playback, members voting for songs, volume boost and much more. MEE6 supports various music platforms like YouTube, Soundcloud and Twitch.

However, MEE6 is free of cost, but its music control interface is not accessible.

Wrapping up

So here are the best alternatives to the Groovy bot that you can use on your Discord server. If you want to learn how to use any of these music bots, you only have to visit their platform and click the invite button. Then choose the server you want to add and click on the authorize button. It is that simple.

So let us know which one is your favourite music bot among them all.

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