A new feature of Google assistant will narrate stories to your children

When Google assistant was a new thing for us back in 2017 it had already learned a to narrate stories to kids. Though “tell me a story day” usually takes place on Saturday but now it can happen any day as kids have many ways to listen to stories and bedtime tales. This feature has launched today and will be available for iOS users and Android users in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

All you have to do to get started is say “Hey Google, tell me a story” which brings you tales such as Let’s Be Firefighters and Robot Rampage. You can ask the Google Assistant narrate a bedtime story to help kids sleep well, and it does that simply.

Important: You have to have the Google Play Books’ latest version installed on your phone.

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Using this feature is not so difficult, you just have to teach your child to say “Hey Google, tell me a story” though kids of this generation already know a lot of features. Google Assistant will do its job and narrate a bedtime story for your children such as Let’s be firefighters, Tortoise, and the Hare and many more stories.

It also includes a feature of “read along” which will provide sound effects on Home smart speakers and the kids will read aloud. If you have a favorite audiobook of your child on google play, you can ask the Google assistant to read it out loud.

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