Affordable VR Experience With The Nintendo Switch Labo VR

After the previous failed attempt of Nintendo at VR with the Virtual Boy, they have come up yet again with the Labo VR Kit after a good 24 years of analyzing what went wrong with their $180 debut VR.

The new Labo VR will allow you to dabble along with the Switch hardware that is set to deliver a series of exciting games. You can try this all-new VR at a price of just $40, the games and dimensions included with the Labo VR are extremely well- executed and are actually very enjoyable being bite-sized that do not require a lot of investment from you to an extent that you are not counting the hours that go into building the cardboard Toy-Cons.

This can be considered a slight drawback, but looking at the price range it’s not a lot to ask for due to the in-game instructions being easy and simple and you just cannot go wrong with these, although there is a need to incorporate builders that do not want to go through the smallest of animations.

All the accessories included, rely on the set of VR Goggles with a pair of large lenses almost something like the Google cardboard, but this one can be said to have a larger screen that fills your field of sight a lot better. There is no head strap so you’ll have to hold it in your hands, even though it is quite lightweight, it would be even better with a head strap.

Overall, it is safe to say that the Labo VR Kit isn’t as bad as the previous versions but also cannot be compared with a $500 VR Google. Considering the price range it is offered, we can surely say that it will definitely provide you a great VR experience once the tedious joining stuff is done with.

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