AI takes video surveillance to the next level

AI or Artificial intelligence has been one of the strongest points in today’s life style. Just the way it has touched almost every facet of life, it has also placed a huge impetus on the way we have been working in the Video surveillance realm. The AI-powered Video surveillance devices have taken the world by storm and in a way, have become quite terrifying.

How has Artificial Intelligence improved Video Surveillance?

Well, there have been several areas that video surveillance has been able to bring in huge improvements that we have been involved in the security systems and video surveillance.

Video surveillance has always been quite passive in their operation. In fact, they kept working on their own and the footage was ideally never looked at until they are really needed in cases where there have been a few issues.

However, the AI has completely changed all that. Now the computers can watch the videos and analyse them just the way a human would do. The machine learning and identification technology have been instrumental in figuring out any of the discrepancies in a normal looking sequence of video. For instance, the services like video nadzor in Beograd have been quite instrumental in bringing out these improvements.

The artificial intelligence has given a new lease of life to the surveillance cameras and provided new-age digital brain and eyes to the computers. They have now become quite efficient in helping out the police and other crime investigators in understanding and apprehending the culprits really faster enough.

Of course, there are serious repercussions as well to this development and that is exactly why we consider it terrifying. It can pose a serious privacy risks and gives rise to doubts about the social security and justice. However, it may be quite far-fetched consideration and maybe there would be no need to worry.

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