Chromium based Edge Browser launched under Developer preview- Now with dark Mode

The technology circles have been abuzz with the news of Microsoft replacing edge with new chromium based Edge browser since long. Even Microsoft supported these claims. Finally, the news comes true and the Bill Gates software giant has launched the developer preview of the new Chromium-based Edge browser. The test builds have been released a couple of days ago and available for download.

Microsoft Edge – based on Chromium released

Microsoft released the first official version of the new Chromium-based Edge browser on April 9, 2019. Those of you who have been facing issues with the Google Chrome browser on your Windows 10, but could not move beyond because you just loved the interface – come out of your blues!

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You can enjoy the same familiar interface and looks on Edge Browser – but with a completely simpler and faster performance. Want to find how? You can download the developer builds and canary versions from the official links here. The difference between the two versions lies in the frequency of the updates – the canary update comes with daily updates, while the developer updates will provide you access to weekly updates. The browser will soon be entering the beta stages and ultimately it will reach the stable build quite soon.

Want to enable Dark Mode? Here is how?

Well, the browser is still in the development stage and the dark mode has not yet been introduced in the official version of Chromium-based edge browser. Microsoft has assured that the support will arrive soon. However, you can get it with a few simple tweaks.
Like you have used those experimental flags on Chrome, these are available on Edge as well. The only difference is you use edge:// instead of chrome://.

  • Type in edge://flags in the address bar
  • Type in Microsoft Edge Theme in the search field

chromium based edge browser

  • Once you find the theme displayed on your browser, use the option to Enabled from Default

That does it. You will need to relaunch your browser. Once that done, your Edge browser will have a dark mode enabled.
If it does not change, make sure that your Windows default configuration is set to Dark instead of Light.

What does this new development mean?

With Microsoft abandoning its own browser engine in favor of an open source engine which is in mostly in control of Google, we now have only two major browser engines – Chromium and Gecko. As things stand as of now, there isn’t much of a difference between Chrome and Edge with Chromium. Both look practically the same and maybe you would want to use Edge as your default browser. In any case, we expect it to change with future builds.
Before you go and download it – please note that this is the first release and meant strictly for tech enthusiasts. If you aren’t one of them, wait till the stable version comes out. Else, enjoy the development through weekly or daily builds.

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