Dad Created App That Locks Kids Phone If They Don’t Reply Their Parents

Children especially teens are becoming really ignorant of their parent’s messages and finds it annoying when they ask their kids to share the basic updates about themselves. But now there’s one dad who knows exactly how to make these stubborn kids reply to their parents. This father has invented an application that will freeze the children’s the phone if they do not reply their parents and it will remain that way until they respond.

Nick Herbert, who is the brain behind this concept has named his app ReplyASAP. The idea came to his mind when he was constantly annoyed when his kid Ben didn’t reply to his messages on time because either his phone was on silent or whether he was intentionally ignoring them. That’s when he searched for an app that would freeze his kid’s phone until he answers his text.

Even after a lot of searching, Nick was not able to find any such application. So he decided to create one. And that’s when the journey of ReplyASAP started. This app works when both parties have the app downloaded on their phone. When parents send an ‘ASAP’ to their kids, they receive a loud message on their screen and it won’t go away or let you unlock the phone unless you reply to their messages.

“It gives him the freedom to keep his phone on silent but with the knowledge that I can get a message to him if necessary,” Herbert said about his son Ben.

“There is a mutual understanding that using ReplyASAP is only for important things, and not because [Ben] needs new batteries for his Xbox controller,” he wrote on the app’s website.

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