Different Ways To Fix SIM Not Provisioned For Voice

Are you wondering how to fix SIM not provisioned for voice errors? SIM cards are like tiny chips that act as a connecting medium between your mobile and your carrier. Plus, it helps your carrier identify your mobile account with certain information.

Different Ways To Fix SIM Not Provisioned For Voice


Now, if your device is not displaying a SIM on Android, it marks that the connection to the carrier network could not be established or maybe, your carrier cannot check your mobile account.

Reasons behind SIM not provisioned for Voice error

There can be many reasons behind the error occurring which reads that the SIM is not a provisioned error. But basically, it can affect the users who have registered a new SIM card. After you have experienced this problem in various situations or if the SIM stops working in Android, then the problem is with the SIM card and it needs to be replaced. Anyway, here is a list of situations when SIM not provisioned for voice error can bother you.

  • Pay for a new SIM card for your new phone.
  • When moving your contacts to a new SIM card.
  • In case the authorization server of the carrier network provider is unavailable.
  • You may be out of reach of the carrier coverage area and that too without an active roaming agreement.
  • Well, newer SIM cards work flawlessly. But it is also necessary to have your SIM card enabled for security reasons.

However, you cannot buy a new SIM card and the one you were using was working well till now, then the major reasons behind it can be mentioned below.

  • If your SIM card is not in good condition, or it goes dead, try replacing it.
  • Perhaps the SIM card cannot be inserted into the slot properly.

Another reason could be that your SIM card may have been deactivated using your carrier provider, as it could have been locked to a specific phone. Once you insert the SIM card into another device or a new device, you may see a message that says SIM is not valid.

Step by Step Guide to Solve SIM Not Provisioned for Voice Error

Step 1: Plug in your mobile device

Install and launch the Dr Fone toolkit on your PC and select the System Repair option from the main interface. However, connect your mobile device to the PC via the actual cable.

Step 2. Select the option of Mobile Repair & Key in Key Info

Now, out of the 3 options on the left, press Android Repair, followed by the Start button.

A prompt appears from the ensuing screen asking you to key in important device-related information, such as brand, version, country, and carrier information. Afterwards, press Next.

Step 3: Boot your mobile in download mode

You just put your mobile in download mode for the excellent repair of your mobile OS. To boot your mobile in DFU mode, follow the instructions, then press Next. Once done, the software will automatically start downloading the most helpful and latest firmware for your mobile.

Step 4: Start the Repair

Whenever the download is complete, the software checks the firmware and automatically starts repairing your mobile device. Within a specific time, check whether your mobile device has been successfully repaired.

Check your SIM card is not wet or dirty.

Sometimes, wiping your SIM card and SIM slot properly can make the problem relatively easy and simple. If it works properly, then the SIM stops functioning on Android devices because dirt or moisture restricts proper contact between the SIM card pin and mobile circuit.

Insert SIM card properly

While your SIM card was still working correctly, the SIM card may likely have moved slightly from its exact location. Also, there is no proper contact between the SIM card pin and the circuit. Try to insert your SIM card with the below steps correctly:

  • Switch off your mobile device and with the help of a Q pin take out the SIM card holder from the SIM slot of your mobile device.
  • Now, take a soft rubber pencil eraser and rub it on the gold pin of the SIM card to wipe it thoroughly. Then, using a soft cloth, remove the rubber residue from the SIM card.
  • Then, properly insert the SIM back into the SIM card holder and insert it back into the SIM slot.
  • Please turn on your mobile and check whether it is working or not.

Enable SIM card

After buying a new SIM card, it is automatically activated within 24 hours of connecting to the new device. But if it is not happening and you want to activate the SIM card, then use the below options to turn on activation:

Call your CSP (Carrier Service Provider)

Log on to your carrier’s website and then look for the activation page on it.

 Note: The above options are direct and immediate methods to turn on activation. It depends on your carrier network whether they support them or not.

Call your carrier

However, if your SIM is not activated, get another working device to call your network or carrier. Make sure to explain the whole situation and error message to them. Calm down while investigating the problem. This can take a massive load of time or a few minutes completely, depending on the complexity of the problem.

Try another SIM card slot.

Another primary reason behind SIM not working can be due to a corrupted SIM card slot. But thanks to dual SIM technology, you don’t have to rush to get it checked or repaired. You can rule out this possibility only after removing the SIM card from its original SIM slot and then replacing it with another SIM card slot. If this method might function for you, it is obvious that the issue was with the SIM card slot that got violated. And hence, it was not generating a SIM not responding problem.

Try SIM card in another phone.

You can also try using another mobile device. Remove the SIM card from the device causing the problem and try inserting it into other mobile devices. Perhaps, this will let you know whether the problem is with your device only or with the SIM card itself.

Try to buy a new SIM card.

Still, how to fix the SIM not provisioned for voice problems? Well, on that note, you have to go to your carrier store and buy a new SIM card. Also, ask them about the SIM not provisioned for voice error; they will be able to carry out a proper fix on your previous SIM card. Or else, they will provide you with a new SIM card and exchange the new SIM card in your mobile and activate it in the meantime.


Here’s all about the SIM not provisioned for voice errors. Is this helpful? You can quickly fix the problems by following the methods mentioned above. Let us know below if you want to share any other methods or suggestions regarding the article. Let us know in the comments section below for more questions and queries!

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