Everything You Need To Know About Netflix Error m7111-5059

Netflix is one of the most used online content watching platforms from all over the world. Although you would be able to watch almost every type of content from Netflix easily, there are still a few restrictions with some web series or movies to not play in your specific country.

Everything You Need To Know About Netflix Error m7111-5059

Hence whenever you try to watch one such type of content which is restricted to be played in your country you would be able to notice a Netflix error m7111-5059.

Here in this post we are going to discuss everything about this error, what are the reasons behind the error and how to solve it.

What is Netflix Error m7111-5059?

There were a number of queries around this Netflix error but our team figured out that, whenever you are facing this error, it indicates Netflix’s servers that you are connecting using a VPN, proxy or a blocked server.

In short, if a web series is not available in your region and you are using wrong tactics on Netflix to watch it, then you are going to face Netflix error m7111-5059.

But, how to solve this issue?

Well, if this question revolves around your head then make sure to follow till the end. As in the coming section we are going to find solutions for this error.

How to solve Netflix Error m7111-5059?

We are sure that you all must have got why you are facing Netflix error m7111-5059. Let us have a look at the solutions to fix this error:

  • The first and most effective solution for this error is to determine the location at which the content is available. In case if you don’t know how to figure that out, then you just need to visit a website unogs.com with the help of which you can know about all the locations of different contents.
  • In the next step you need to find out the best VPN for Netflix. Yes, we have already mentioned that Netflix shows you an error when you use VPN, but there’s a difference. You need to find one such VPN which is only created to be used with Netflix.

There are a number of options available, you can choose ExpressVPN, NordVPN or more.

  • Then you need to sign up for the VPN service provider and start the VPN app. Right after that you would be able to notice that all the location based content will get unblocked and you would be able to watch it online easily.

Now most of you must be thinking that can you use free or local VPN service providers? The answer is No, because if you use those free VPN service providers then you will again face Netflix Error m7111-5059.

In case if you don’t use any free VPN but still face this error then you need to have a look at the proxy settings of your device. You just need to disable the proxy settings from your device.


Netflix has a number of errors, but Netflix error m7111-5059 is the most disturbing one. Here in this post we discussed everything about this error, its causes, solutions and everything about the error.

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