Get ready to receive brand-new wireless headphones from Apple

Well, here comes a competitor to your AirPods which is declared to be launched on May by Apple. Apple will bring a set of wireless headphones which would be exactly an alternative for the people who don’t want to use AirPods. And for those who are in love with AirPods and think that nothing can challenge their AirPods, then make sure that you are going through this news because Apple has declared to bring a brand-new set of new wireless headphones for the people soon. New Powerbeats Pro headphones have been unbosomed by Apple on Wednesday which is not going to challenge your AirPods only but also they will give you more than yet you have received from!

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These Powerbeats Pro headphones contain adjustable earplugs and have been designed totally against the water disservice. These Powerbeats headphones are wireless. Although the case doesn’t support QI wireless charging and you are supposed to plug it in yet you are now set free from getting tangled by an irritable net of wires as there is no connection between your earplugs linked with wires. You can enjoy your audio till 9 hours and also offered to enjoy your serenade up to 24 hours of playback with the charging case.

Apple is needed to borrow the features like digital assistant including support for speaking, “Hey Siri”, and an H1 chip that would let it go to be friendly for an easy use among other devices of Apple like iPhone, iPad, and MacBooks as well. Hence another notable thing here is that no doubt the potential of Powerbeats Pro may challenge AirPods yet some of the features are supposed to be received from the latest AirPods so let’s not be confused that this is better than that and that is not perfect like this.

In the end, we would like to let you know about the price of Powerbeats Pro headphones as regulated by the company which ranges $249.95. The sale is scheduled to start in May so get ready to receive a brand-new collection from Apple soon!

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