Google Opinion Rewards gets UI update

Most of us are acquainted with the Google opinion rewards application that sends you surveys on the basis of your location and app usage and in return, it presents you some cash reward which can be used for an in-game purchase or for any of the accessible items. in Google Playstore. Though most users complain about very few surveys, it all depends on how frequently do you use Google apps and check location history.

Recently the app witnessed an update and has now a material design like most of Google’s new app design. However, the update is not possible for each Android user.

The new design is eye confectionery with a white backdrop and the text is in Google Sans Font. The latest makeover of the application pushed away from the blue headings from the application and substituted it with Spend your credit.

By tapping on it you can go to the Google play store where you can spend your credits on any of the Google services whether it is an in-game purchase, renting a movie, purchasing an album or a single, and an application.

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Old UI on the left, updated Material Design UI on the right


The app automatically informs you when there is a survey available and will also show the validity of the survey. Although the credits which you receive comes with a validity of a year from the date you have received. iOS users don’t have to worry as they can transfer their opinion rewards directly into PayPal account as they cannot spend it on play store.

The new update makes the app look more impressive yet doesn’t increase the indications of you getting a survey, because it wholly depends upon how frequently do you use Google apps.


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