In this way you can increase the internal storage in smart phone

Mobile is used by every user. Nowadays, many features have come in mobile. Video calling, Android App, YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and all social networking sites are used by people from smart mobiles. Many users do all the work from their mobile to promote their business. From mobile business to school, college has become a means of education. Right now the school, college is closed due to corona. So many children are doing their studies with smart mobiles. Zoom meetings, education videos, photos and many applications are stored in the mobile. Videos, images are not saved in your mobile as soon as the storage is done, then there is no space left in the mobile storage. You can use the tricks given below without deleting many applications, or videos in your smart phone. And you can increase the storage in your smart phone.

Many times the user is not mobile enough space, by doing so deletes many files. And increase the storage of your mobile. You can increase the storage even if you do not have data. You can avoid deleting the file. You have to go to Settings in your smart phone mobile. There are many types of mobiles, according to your mobile setting, you have to go to it. You see many options. There you will see the option of App, where you have to go to the App file. There you have to go to the APP you have installed. Ex: – Understand what is Facebook App, click on it. As soon as you click, you have to go to the pay storage. After going to the storage, you have to clear it by clicking on Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Example: – Facebook app has created 387 MB storage, after clearing it becomes 173 MB. Friends, this has to be done with the help of your file. Means the EXTRA space of 387-173 = 214 MB in the mobile has become in your smart phone mobile. Similarly, you can increase your mobile storage without deleting the app. You can do this in every app. By clearing internet browser, photos, gmail, whatever the app is, the internal storage in your smart phone mobile can be increased.

After going to the smart phone, you have to go to the settings. As the setting will open, the option of App will appear there. In the app that is on it, you can increase your mobile storage by clearing data and clear cache. By using such tricks, you can increase the internal storage in smart phone mobile without deleting other data. And 1GB or MB file can be easily done by mobile storage.


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