Instagram Removed The Following Activity Tab From The Application

Instagram has recently removed one of its features and now the stalkers are furious. Instagram had a section earlier, whenever you click on the Activity option it displays two options, one is named You and another one was the Following tab. The following tab is known for showing the timeline of activities done by people who you follow. Like which pictures are they liking, on which posts they are commenting, who is tagging them, and who they are following, etc. People who are always curious about what other people are doing make the best use of this application but sadly it has been removed recently.


Now the clicking on the heart icon you will only get to see a single tab named Activity that will only showcase your activity on Instagram. According to the head of the product of Instagram, Vishal Shah, the reason behind removing the activity tab is to simplify their application. As per the information, not a lot of users of Instagram are aware of the existence of this specific feature on their application. And that is why they have removed the option quietly. The company didn’t inform about the new earlier and silently removed the option in order to upgrade its application.

“People didn’t always know that their activity is surfacing. So you have a case where it’s not serving the use case you built if for, but it’s also causing people to be surprised when their activity is showing up,” Shah told BuzzFeed News.


Rakshanda Chandole is a young writer and a social media enthusiast.

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