Introducing Google’s New Chromebook, the Pixelbook Go

Google Pixelbook Go is here and it has brought us some exciting features to look forward to. The recently released Chromebook by Google was announced few days ago and the pre-orders for the laptop already started before. The Chromebook has its own pros and cons but looking at the bright side lets discuss the pros first. So the Google Pixelbook Go has a really smooth keyboard with a soft finish. It provides you with a silky touch on fingers whenever you type and it has made even typing fun. Plus you will also find that the keyboard is really quiet.

Photo Credit: PC World

Another impressive feature of this laptop is the battery life. As we all know the batteries of laptops lose their performance really soon, and they don’t even last long but the Google Pixelbook Go offers you a long-lasting battery of 12 hours. The starting price of the device is $649 and it comes in two colors which are, as Google likes to call them, ‘Just Black’ and ‘Not Pink’. On one hand where the classic black color has yet again booked its value in gadget variants, on the other hand pink or rose gold is becoming more popular day by day. The black version is simple and classy in black shade and the ‘Not Pink’ is actually pink which looks more like rose gold.

The device comes with an excellent speaker and a magnesium outer. The materials used in the making of the device is what you’re paying for in Pixelbook Go.



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