Microsoft Removes Google Services in its Chromium Edge Browser

Microsoft is building its very own Chromium Edge browser, and it has made it available for developers for testing purpose. They have made their Canary and Dev builds available so far and they are weekly updated. You can get updated about everything on their official site for Edge browser. Beta Channel is yet to be made available for download. As per the site, the Beta channel will be the most stable channel as it will have the fixes and edits from the learning Microsoft gets in Edge’s other channels; Canary and Dev.

If you have already downloaded and tested it, you might have realized or noticed that it works even faster than Google Chome on Windows 10. Yes, it does work faster on Windows 10. Moreover, it uses the same open-source project, Chromium.

Microsoft revealed that it replaced/removed more than 50 Google services that come as part of the Chromium project. They did it to optimize their Edge browser so that it performs better and faster. Services being Google Cloud, Google Now, Messaging, Chrome OS-related services, etc.

Microsoft will be revealing more details about Edge very soon.

Microsoft stated that “building Edge on Chromium was a relatively smooth process,” and that it has made hundreds of changes to Chromium to produce its Edge version with more than 300 merges so far. It’s clear we’re only at the starting phase of a Chromium-powered Edge, and Microsoft is also developing versions that will run on Windows 8, Windows 7, and macOS.

Microsoft is focusing on the fundamentals of browsing, reliability, and extension support for this early version of Edge that is built on the Chromium Open Source project. Microsoft is looking for feedback from the developers so that they can learn more about things, and turn the Beta channel of Edge even better.

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