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Are you tired of coping information from word file and typing in a word document word by word? Are you also stressed by un-editable PDFs that the lecturer or company bosses send you for editing? PDF to Word solves this problem entirely and quickly. The website has simple steps where you all you need to do us to upload the file and it automatically generates the word document that you will then have to download.

With the improvement in online technology, converting PDFs to Word files has been made easier and quicker. Through the website mentioned above and in approximately 15 to 40 seconds, you will have the word document ready and resembles the information contained in the PDF word by word. It just transfers 100% of the information including the figures, data, words, punctuation and even the images into a Word file. This ensures that no there is no omission of vital information.

To convert the PDFs to word, follow the following steps.

Visit on your computer after you have written the PDF. At this stage, the PDF should be ready for submission. Once you click the link, it will take you to the interface where you will be asked to drag a file and drop in a box, or you may browse the files on your personal computer. The website is simple to use as there are no conditions for you to submit your file. Once you have dropped or browsed the file, the website automatically converts the file for you and generate word document. All you have to do is to download it and edit or add more information.

The Main Benefits of

First, the website saves on the cost of hiring an individual to type the PDF into word in a Cyber Café. Secondly, the website does not share any file or information with any third party; hence, the information contained in the files are safe. Thirdly, the images, figures, and tables retain their quality on the converted document, therefore very useful for the clients who need their word document to be clear and presentable like the original works. Last but not least is that the website does not limit you on the number of PDF documents that you want them converted. You can upload and convert as many files as possible with no costs at all. There is no subscription fee, and thus, it is friendly for students studying in colleges and wants to save on their money.

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