Now 3D technology is ready to reach the undiscovered oil packets in the reign of Alaska

Growing up in the age of miracles is actually a miracle where we have all sorts of sources whose way goes towards the fulfillment of our desires. We are again supposed to be surprised by the prodigy of technology as per the claims coming from the officials about the role of 3D technology in discovering new Alaska oil packets.

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According to the report of Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, a 3D technology named 3D “seismic” is ready to be employed to search out the small pockets of oil banks which are yet undiscovered but are actually existing in Prudhoe Bay in northern Alaska. 

A report published in the newspaper claimed that the area has been a good source of oil banks since a long period of time but a little bit older in terms of recent time, the area seems to be getting down for its quality. “As the energy wave goes through the subsurface, the rocks are the layers, and the layers are based in hardness,” the statement was given by Robert Pool who is a BP seismic acquisition specialist. “A harder layer, the sound wave goes through faster. And a softer layer, it goes through slower,” the statement was further completed by him.

From January through mid-April, the 3D seismic survey will be working predominantly over 450 square miles which are about 1166 square kilometers as claimed by the company.

Officials reported that the sound waves are received and picked up to build a three-dimensional “cube” indicating the depth of geology below which also includes the location of undiscovered pockets of oil and thus it works to seek out what the layers contain inside them.

Well there is no surprise that technology has given us much more we didn’t even imagine about and for sure in the near future this is going to dedicate a newly expanded world to humanity

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