Samsung Galaxy Fold Is Expected To Launch On September 27 In The US

The much-awaited Samsung Galaxy Fold is finally going to be released on September 27th this year. The delayed Galaxy Fold is finally going to enter the market. However, you can even preorder the phone by Samsung on the retail stores. Earlier Samsung announced that they are planning on releasing their product in the month of July but as you can see, they didn’t. And now according to the customer who preordered the phone, the Galaxy Fold by Samsung will be officially available for the customers from 27th September onwards.

The original date of the release of the phone was actually in April but after the phone was reported with multiple issues, they decided to update the phone and eliminate all the issues arising so that the customers can have a comfortable and pleasing experience. The major issues reported by the customers revolved around the functioning of the foldable side of the Galaxy Fold.

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The primary attractive function of this smartphone was, it comes with a foldable side that could fold and unfold. When you unfold the side, the phone gets twice in size. And you can fold it again to get it back to the size of a normal smartphone.

The price of Galaxy Fold is $2,000. The release date of the Samsung phone in other countries is not known yet but for the customers living in the USA, the smartphone will be available on the 27th of September. However, you can not order the phone online as it’s not available on the official site but you can find it in retail stores.


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