Snap Unveils Snapchat’s Rebuilt Version for Android

Snap Inc. has unveiled Snapchat’s rewritten version for Android which is one of the great news for Android users who has been using Snapchat. The company has been rebuilding Snapchat for Android since 2018 for better performance because somewhere the Android app was not as great as its iOS app.

As per one of the Snapchat’s development team members, they first thought to patch the issues that Snapchat Android app was facing but they realized sooner that it’s better to rewrite the complete app from scratch to get the result company wanted. Thus, they have gone for the rewrite, and the team has been working on it since the beginning of 2018, and here comes the new Snapchat for Android.

Even if you download the new Snapchat, you won’t find any changes to the actual UI or navigation but the work has been done in its codes and the background that all make the new Snapchat less buggy, less laggy, and faster than the old version.

Snapchat’s new version is designed as per the huge Android ecosystem, with its wide breadth of hardware — particularly for cameras and processors, that means that different phones can have different capabilities.

The rewrite is done but future updates will be coming more fastly. The new features will be coming at the same pace as the Snap’s iOS counterpart.

Moreover, Snap’s VP of product Jacob Andreou stated, “With this new foundation I wouldn’t be surprised if you actually see things starting to come to Android even before iOS sometimes.”

Looks like great news for Android users who love Snapchat.

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