Sony reveales PlayStation 5 is not ready for the launch in the next 12 months

A piece of sad news for those gamers who were waiting for PlayStation 5, lately sony announced that the next generation PlayStation which will be called as PS5 is not ready for 2019.

Sony, during Q&A sessions with reporters, told that PS5 launch might be postponed for the next 12 months and PS lovers will have to wait until next summer and there’s a lot more to be revealed about the console net year at E3.

There are no signs of Sony holding a press conference at E3 this year but they have revealed the specs for the upcoming PS5 giving us a strong statement that PS5 will support 8k graphics, SSD storage, 3D audio, and backward compatibility with the current PlayStation 4 titles.

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Talking about CPU PS5 will be supported by 8 core CPU based upon AMD’s third generation which comes with a GPU supporting ray-tracing graphics.

Upgraded CPU and SSD storage will give developers more flexibility for improvements in the next-gen PlayStation and let them use more power and speed for PS games.

It is expected that Microsoft might use similar specifications for its next-generation Xbox which is currently codenamed as “Anaconda” along with one more Xbox which Microsoft is working on. There’s still no official statement coming from Microsoft for the next-gen plans but they have promised to do something huge at E3 this year.

Meanwhile, Sony sold a total of 96.8 million units of PS4 which will soon hit 100 million in a few months but Sony already predicted that PS5 can bring a fall of 10% in operating profit due to development costs of Playstation5.

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