Tesla’s Elon Musk anticipates to begin “robotaxis” in the US by next year

Elon Musk, the chief executive of electric car company Tesla awaits the firm to have self-driving ‘robotaxis’ on the roads by 2020.

Well, the entrepreneur made the commitment as he declared an improved microchip for its driverless vehicles.

Mr. Musk had narrated investors, he expected regulators to approve ride-hailing in some areas for autonomous vehicles.
Continued saying, I feel very positive about predicting autonomous robotaxis next year.

Also, Mr. Musk had said that he anticipated the scheme to operate on a model comparable to that of Uber or Airbnb.

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Moreover, the company revealed computer hardware will be fully self-driving capabilities in the form of the new microchip.
However, there still are technical and legal hurdles ahead for driverless cars, which currently are not deemed as sophisticated or roadworthy as cars with drivers, nor guarded enough for public roads.

Mr. Musk  further added saying:

This seems to be the custom-designed chip that is best accessible giving a notable breakthrough in self-driving.
However, Tesla’s vehicles still aren’t at the par of autonomy required to build the self-driven.

Moreover, Level 4 autonomy is a vehicle that can drive itself with a human on standby. Further level 5 is built to meet the required standards before it can be called truly autonomous of human agency.
Expecting it to be a far-fetching design when compared to any other Tesla car so far.


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