The China Mobile’s service is now rejected for US market as per FCC’s consideration for security purpose

China Mobile’s application to provide cell services to Americans is going to be opposed by the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, due to security concerns. On Wednesday, the chairman of FCC said that he would not be so agreed to let China Mobile’s application provide cell services to the people of America because there come some security problems.

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In his opposition towards China Mobile’s application for USA market, the chairman, Ajit Pai stated, “it is clear that China Mobile’s application to provide telecommunications services in our country raises substantial and serious national security and law enforcement risk.” He put his vote for not supporting China Mobile’s application for USA market and said that the full commission would vote on the proposal in May.

The proposal may seem appropriate but somehow it is going to affect the technical relationship between these two countries badly. The chances for a tacit war between USA and China regarding telecommunications is on the peak as per the accusations of White House on Huawei telecommunication services. Huawei telecommunications is the largest telecom equipment company of China who has been accused of being a spy of the Chinese government to wreck the communication networks. However, the accusations were not only denied by Huawei but also the effort of USA to persuade other countries to avoid the services of Huawei telecommunication was proved neutral.

The rejection of China Mobile’s application came after an internal review by Mr. Pai as he said that he could view a recommendation last year by the commerce department to reject this service plans because there was a risk of security services as the issue of “hacking data” was claimed.

The application was already filled and it was under the commission for years without much public attention and for the first time, a rejection of foreign telecommunications application was made. “It was the first time that an administration had rejected a foreign telecommunications application”, the commission made a statement to clarify that they are not letting China Mobile’s Services in the markets of USA.

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