The latest window update is breaking PCs with antivirus installed

Earlier this week Windows released an update while Sophos and Avast antivirus users raised the issue that their systems were locking down and failing to boot up. The new update is causing compatibility issues with Arcabit and Avira antivirus installed. Microsoft has temporarily blocked updates for the following systems.

Windows 7 and 8.1 users can be the victim of this issue and Windows 10 users seem unaffected by the same.

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The exact issue starts when you update your windows and try to boot in the computer would either freeze or start behaving abnormally and will eventually slow down the when you try to login to Windows.

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You can get rid of this by starting your pc into safe mode and disabling your antivirus which is the main reason for the trouble. In the absence of your 3rd party antivirus, you can manage Microsoft’s windows defender for windows 8.1 and concerning Windows 7 you can use Microsoft security essentials. The two will provide you free and real-time security for your machine.

However, if Windows Defender or Microsoft security essential does not meet your want to keep your PC secure, you can take the help of a different antivirus such as Malwarebytes for some time.

While the affected Antivirus firms have begun acting on the issue and Microsoft’s issue tracker for the update has connected to the support pages presented by the Antivirus firms over the subject.

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