Windows update inducing stress to users has an external storage device connected

A couple of days back, there was a piece of news, that windows update is crashing PCs with the installation of the antivirus.

However, notably Windows 7 and 8.1 users were affected but Windows 10 users are the sufferers.

Windows 10 users who tried to upgrade to the latest update released by Microsoft are getting their pc blocked if they have plugged in a USB or sd card and didn’t remove during the update.

It seems like the May 2019 update which is in its concluding stage of test mode is still holding an issue of reassigning different letters after connecting USB devices or SD card. Window users are familiarized that windows release a letter to every drive connected, internal or external.

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Upgrading to May 2019 might build issues with the title of the drives which sounds like turmoil already. Microsoft released a statement previously describing the complete issue with an example :

The upgrade to the 2019 Update has been inducted to those systems which have the 2018 Update installed already. This eventually has a thumb drive inserted into a USB port.

The plan of upgrading to the 2019 Update has been inducted to those systems which already have the 2018 Update installed, thus the thumb drive inserted into a USB port.

Well, this can be not the sole issue, the maximum downside is that duty assignment of drive letter isn’t confined to external USB and drives. Yet the internal drives are hit.

Reasonably this is the reason why Microsoft had to block the updates for pcs which have USBs attached to it during the update. Saying so, if you are eager to get the update sooner you ought to unplug your USB and additional external storage devices. Thereby begin the update process and set for the may 2019 update to be prepared soon.

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