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Visiting physical salons has been quite a task recently. While the pandemic situation forced abrupt shutdowns of beauty salons in Dubai too, it in a way opened new doors of opportunities for those who provide professional beauty salon services at home. Home salon services haven’t been new in Dubai but till recently, at home salons were just an alternative in case your salon visit is due for longer than ever. Today, salon at home service is among the most sought-after by ladies in Dubai. It has become a common practice and ladies have been enjoying beauty at the best of comfort and convenience.

With Mirrors Beauty Lounge, the team of professional beauticians offers the best services if you wish to get done your nails at home. A good, relaxing professional massage at home is a pure bliss, trust us. Many women also choose to get done their next setting of keratin treatment at home from us. You just say it, we have it on the at home salon service catalogue.

8 factors why women are booking home salon services in Dubai:

  1. Amid busy work routine and household jobs, ladies are giving more preference to having a luxury of getting themselves pampered at their own home rather than keep looking for a salon appointment in the desired slot and still keep waiting for their turn to come when at the salon. Saving time is the motto.
  1. Festive seasons and wedding seasons are probably the most packed ones for beauticians. Beauty salons are actually flooded during these times of the year and ladies find it challenging to book their time at any of the nearby salons to finally get some relaxed me-time. Many have already turned to salon at home services, and many are interested.
  1. When the beautician is coming to your doorstep at your desired time, there’s no need to travel all the way to the salon. This way, you save on time and travel both. Also, there’s no need to panic about reaching there on time through traffic. At home beauty salon packages often come in offer packages, so you can save on money too.
  1. You can be completely within the comfort of your home, wear your go to comfy clothing, sit back and relax for an hour or two of salon time. No need to get ready for the parlour visit anymore. Plus, you can start reading a long pending book or simply watch your favourite series/movie while the beautician serves you.
  1. It’s great if women can choose their day and time for getting themselves pampered with the best beauty services at home. Moreover, there’d be no other client other than you, so the beautician will be 100% dedicated to you. There’s no rush anymore.
  1. Everything from hair, skin, facials, massage and routine parlous services like waxing, threading, manicure and pedicure can be availed with salon at home services – hair colouring, straightening, keratin and several other hair treatments, nail extensions and much more.
  1. After you get done with waxing, facial, massage, mani-pedi, body polishing, scrub, oil therapy or anything else that makes you feel like instantly taking a shower, you can always step in to a shower, which is not possible at the salon.
  1. Social distancing, hygiene, safety and sanitisation, everything is meticulously followed when you book beauty salon services at home.

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