Buying a used Car? Follow these Tips…

Buying a new car can be an easy task. However, if you are planning to buy a used car, there are some essential steps that would be practical enough to consider. This will ensure that you are not opting for a car that does do not really have a bad history.

Get the car inspected thoroughly

Entrust a mechanic whom you trust when checking the used car to buy. Getting it checked prior to buying it help you get the repairs if any handled by the owner. Alternatively, better still, if you are getting the repairs done, you can negotiate the price.

Make sure you perform the following checks:

  • Get the insurance papers checked. This will also help you check if the car had any accidents in the past. A higher NCB would be another advantage.
  • Validate the chassis number and engine number as entered in the registration and insurance documents. You can get the chassis number verified using the chassis number decoder on or other similar services.

Get the registration papers transferred

You would need to fill and submit the requisite form. Apply for the same at the respective transport authorities. If the car is to be transferred to the different jurisdiction, you may need to get the No Objection certificate as well.

Ensure that all the documents are in proper shape. A valid pollution control certificate and other essential documentation specified by the authorities in your region would be yet another important factor. Check the service book for the complete history of service covered.

Clean up the car before the first ride

There are several precautions you would need to take before taking the first ride. Clean up the interiors and exteriors of the car thoroughly. You can even check the options like steam cleaning and sanitizing it.

Change oils completely. It is practically meaningful to drain off all the oil and refill it. Not only oils but ensure that you change all the fluids. This will help you have a proper schedule. Fix the important elements and parts that need immediate attention. Lights, spark plugs and indicators are a few important components you need to give a thought to.

Well, don’t rush when you are buying a used car. Just make sure that you have gone through every precaution and check-ups and only then opt for the right car.

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