Getting Started with Running: A Simple Guide for Novices

Not that you have decided to start running as a form of fitness activity, you need to know some basics. Running suits both men and women who want to achieve different fitness goals like weight loss and general fitness. It is also used by athletes in various sports like soccer, American football and running competitions. When carried out well, running will yield positive results that are amazing. This is why you will want this guide to succeed in your efforts. Without further discussion, let us dive into the basics of running for novices.

Pick the Right Gear

Running shoes are the most important in this case. Probably, you have seen some of the best athletes promoting certain running shoes because of their support for the feet, breathability and many other running features. When picking your first pair of running shoes, these are the best features to look for.

Choose Your Running Program

Whether you decide to time yourself or cover a certain distance, be sure that your program suits your needs well. Making all the right considerations is important in this case. First of all, your program should focus on the set goals and be directed towards fulfilling them. Some athletes run more while others only run for a short time. One important thing is to maintain consistency so that the results will be visible within the set time.

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Use Technology Well

The agents at Steroidsfax, a website that sells legal steroids to athletes, claim that technology is a game changer in running. Today, you will need a simple app or gadget to map your running areas and analyze the benefits the workout gives you. Take advantage of all the running apps and software that can be downloaded on your smartphone, iPad or PC.  

Stay Hydrated

Although diet is equally important for runners, water is the most essential before, during and after the activity. Serious runners never leave their customized water bottles behind. This means that you will also use a running backpack. Beginners can start this way even though such gear is used at advanced levels. Runners should also know the right time to use energy drinks, fruit juices, and other beverages when they have a race.

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Stay Motivated

Running takes time, unlike many other exercises that may take a few minutes. Some runners spend hours covering the intended distances. Therefore, they need motivation at all times. Music is the most common motivation that is used by serious runners. However, celebrities and business people who run for fitness prefer to have trainers who will set the pace and motivate them all throughout the run. When such an arrangement is not possible, choose a training partner with similar goals to yours.


This guide should make running easier for you. Once it is followed to the letter, you can rest assured that you will succeed. But as you can see, you are the biggest determinant of the success that you will achieve.

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