Here is why Galaxy fold displays are breaking

A few days ago reviewers reported the Samsung galaxy fold’s screen breaking down and Daniel Yoo commented that the devices appeared to be overstretched.

According to reports, the possible reasons for Galaxy Fold breaking down are screen’s plastic covering appears removable and fragile.

The Samsung Galaxy fold just like every other foldable device has a plastic layer on the top of the OLED display panel that holds the entire device to flex.

The issue with the layer is that it appears to be a protective layer that is a screen protector which we apply on our device right after unboxing it.

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However, on galaxy fold, the layer is not removable… and if the top layer is removed it can hurt the device’s display. Samsung sent a message to the early birds informed them that the top layer of the screen was not removable and if removed can damage the device’s display.

Though this problem has a fix already, let’s hope Samsung would take care of this issue more earnestly, before the retail launch whose pre-order has started already and will be accessible to frequent customers.

Meanwhile, the subsequent concern with Samsung’s Galaxy fold is the delicate screen. This concern is not fixable before the retail launch, as it might take some time to develop a display that can confront screen folds up again.

With a very strong gorilla glass, we tend to be quite rough on our phone and dropping them might not give us a heart attack. Saying so, if you are planning to buy Galaxy fold make sure you have strong control over your human nature of peeling of things as Galaxy fold isn’t yet qualified for all these.

Samsung’s statement to Mark Gurman (Bloomberg):

A limited sample number of the first Galaxy Fold were shown in the media for review.

We have received a less observations concerning the main display on the samples provided. We will completely examine these units in person to ascertain the cause of the difficulty. Individually, a few analysts stated should exclude the top layer of the display which causing havoc to the screen.

The central display on the Galaxy Fold features a top guarding layer, which is part of the display arrangement designed to defend the screen from unintended drops. Removing the protective layer or adding adhesives to the main display may harm. We will secure this message is certainly delivered to our shoppers.


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