How Digital Marketing Is Important For Business?

Digital marketing can easily sum up all marketing efforts that use the internet or an electronic device. Business influence digital channels like social media, emails, search engines, and websites to communicate with present and prospective consumers.

Digital marketing is crucial for business as by 2021, global retail e-commerce sales will be touching $5 trillion, most of the people don’t make up their mind for a brand before starting their search, more than 50% of smartphone users discover a new firm or product while searching on their smartphone, by 2022 video advertising will reach to a $22 billion industry and spending on marketing mechanization tools is believed to reach more than $2.5 billion each year by the year 2022.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), usually is a set of strategies that are used for optimizing a website or blog for achieving better search engine rankings amongst various others. It offers the users a great way of increasing the quality of the content & making the blog or website more user-friendly.

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Content and video marketing are also very crucial in business. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach concentrated on making and contributing valuable, organic, and regular content to gain and retain a clear, well-defined audience and to drive profitable consumer action. 55% of marketers do blog writing as it’s their top inbound marketing priority.

Content marketing has proved to be a better tool than advertising, as it has shown four times better results than the latter. Video marketing is also a great tool for reaching to the customers; videos are more engaging and have already been included in the marketing campaign throughout the world. This can be used for anything from promoting brands to attracting consumers.

Lastly, social media is a web-based communication tool that able people to communicate by exchanging information. CEOs on LinkedIn have an average of 930 connections, and in recent years it has increased by 21%, More than 50 percent of the Americans have admitted that social media has made the service industry a lot better, along with this more than two billion businesses are currently using Facebook for their advertising and lead generation.

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