Iran drowns: Thousands of Relocating Homes as Massive Rain Prediction

Iran is evacuating more towns and villages after the flood-hit, forecasts show further rain is expected on Saturday.

Iran has witnessed massive rains in thousands of homes. Furthermore, rains are set to hit southwestern regions as officials prepare to discharge water from key river dams that are near capacity.

Meanwhile, women and children are being relocated to safer areas while men are asked to stay and assist with relief efforts.

In the recent past, many such countries have been sunk with floods.

The death toll currently stands at 70.

More about Iran Floods

As per the reports from their officials, towns so as Susangerd, with a population of 50,000, will be dropped at danger.

It is to be evacuated on Saturday, along with approximately five other communities in the province of Khuzestan.

Approximately  70 villages in the region have already been evacuated in the preceding week.

Also, energy companies in the oil-rich region have helped the relief effort by utilizing pumps to remove water.

Massive rainfall started on 19 March, affecting about 1,900 cities, towns, and villages.

Thousands of roads, bridges, and buildings have been damaged.

Currently, 86,000 people are breathing in emergency shelters, of which roughly 1,000 were airlifted to safety.

Aid agencies are grappling to cope with the scale of the crisis and Iran’s state budget is under stress due to US sanctions on energy and banking.

Foreign Minister Javad Zarif

The reimposed sanctions were after President Donald Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal last year. This had impeded aid efforts and prompted a shortage of rescue helicopters.

This behavior isn’t just economic warfare, it’s economic terrorism”.

However, the government has promised that those affected, especially farmers, will be compensated for their damages.

Head of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards

Our armed forces are trying everything their potential to reduce damage.

While environmental experts assume that deforestation has been one of the major reasons for flooding in recent years in the country.

Iran’s Natural Resources and Forestry Organization

Extensive and uncontrolled deforestation has damaged around half of Iran’s northern forests, areas where major floods have befallen.

With such damage, the northern forests area has been lessened from 3.6 million to 1.8 million hectares during the past 40 years.

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