‘Lose You To Love Me’ Tops The Billboard Hot 100

There’s super good news for the fans of Selena Gomez as the singer’s latest song has topped all the charts and is proved to be a blockbuster. ‘Lose You To Love Me’ has secured the first position on Billboard The Hot 100. The comeback song of the Hollywood singer is been creating waves among netizens worldwide, people were eagerly waiting for Selena to come back and now that she has, fans are showering her with love and support.

Apart from hitting no.1 on Billboard The Hot 100, the song ‘Lose You To Lose Me’ has also topped Rolling Stones which is kind of a great deal.


As posted by one of the fan pages of Selena, which also got reposted by Selena Gomez herself, “You ARE the first person in history to simultaneously be on the Billboard Hot 100 and Rolling Stone Chart! (Other songs that have charted on both did not chart at the same time, because the Rolling Stone Chart has been around for less than 6 months, so technically any song released before that that still went number one for the weeks prior to release were not number one simultaneously simply because the chart didn’t exist back then.”

Posting on Instagram, Selena wrote, My first number 1!! This song is so dear to my heart. I’ve been working so hard to make this album as honest and fun as possible while remaining vulnerable enough to share where I am in life. I love you deeply and thank you so much for listening. I want to thank each and every person that was apart of this moment that I’ll never forget!


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