National No Socks Day -May 8, 2019

The socks mean a lot in your life. They help your feet and toes stay warm during the winter. They protect your feet from the sun, or the thorns. They can be helpful for you to run or walk comfortably. But, do you know what? They can equally be annoying at times. They keep your feet and toes packed and away from breathing some fresh air. So, if you want to free your feet from those socks, the national No Socks day should be the best you would want to go with!

No Socks day

What is a National No Socks Day?

Well, simply put, the national No Socks Day, as the name itself should be indicative is the day that you will keep your toes free of socks. That way – you would make them breathe some amount of fresh air. It should, in fact, be your best option to fly for free on the sand, grass, soil and whatever you would want to.
The day is celebrated on May 8 every year and is the day you would be free from any sort of socks or stockings. In fact, it is also claimed to reduce the load on your laundry and helpful for the environment.

The History of No Socks Day

The day was created by The credits for creating a unique holiday like that goes to Ruth & Thomas Roy. They say that most of the people out there are not fond of their feet, especially toes. It is the day you will let go of your socks and the footwear and give that utmost care to your feet that they actually deserve.
It can be the perfect way to get free air to your feet and let them breathe. It is the right way to feel the nature by walking barefoot. Most of the games on this day are played barefoot and most of us do not wear any footwear at home.

How would you celebrate National No Socks Day?

Well, that should be something pretty easy and simple. Just move away from your sandals, shoes, boots or whatever that you wear on your feet. Let your feet experience the cool breeze and enjoy the best ever experience of being one with the nature. And yes… make sure you share your feelings about how it feels to have the free feet without those annoying socks on your feet on the day through the hashtag #NationalNoSocksDay.

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