Online shopping proves need for digital presence says Bricks Plus Clicks marketer Ryan Bilodeau

Bricks Plus Clicks founder Ryan Bilodeau is arguing that small business online marketing is a must in the digital age at a time when online shopping overtakes a major part of retail for the first time ever according to Kate Rooney at CNBC.

That this is true even on the heels of Amazon’s announcement of record levels of sales last Christmas should be all the more surprising.

So why do some stores refuse to create an online presence that mirrors their brick and mortar one? Antara Dutta, a digital marketing expert who has founded two small businesses who was interviewed for the article, argues that “People are just afraid of technology and don’t realize how simple or easy it could be.”

The CNBC article adds the following context:

The online sector, referred to as “clicks,” has been slowly eating up market share in the past two decades. Its total rose from below 5 percent in the late 1990s to about 12 percent in 2019, according to the Commerce Department. In February, online sales narrowly beat general merchandise stores, including department stores, warehouse clubs and super-centers. Non-store retail sales last month accounted for 11.813 percent of the total, compared with 11.807 percent for general merchandise. To be sure, brick-and-mortar sales are higher when including other categories such as auto and restaurant sales. 

Antara is right. People don’t realize just how easy technology can be leveraged for profit. It is one thing to have the bricks, but it’s an entirely different thing to have the clicks. When you’re ready to grow your digital storefront to be as big as your regular one, contact Bricks Plus Clicks.


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