Rival Aqua Bag Reviews

Some time ago Rival Boxing and other companies brought new technology to the sport of Boxing by unveiling a grant duty rubber-coated, water-filled punching bag as seen here:

Since the release of this product in 2014, there haven’t been many reviews on the bags performance, durability or use.

Derek Candelore of www.DerekCandelore.com gives us a break down on his experience with the Rival Aqua Bag.

According to Derek, his 18″ Bag arrived, with a plastic screw insert on the bag and a pointed tip hose nozzle to fit on your hose, which allows the water to fill up the 190lbs within minutes…

The bag, however, does not come with a hook for hang it, just the built in Ring to hang it.

In terms of use, Derek Candelore says “The bag outperforms anything I’ve used in 16 years of Boxing.”

“The rubberized coating allows for a joint-friendly training session but still giving you the weight resistance to feel it in your hands and muscles.”

“It provides the snap & crack similar to mitt work, with the ability to do all of your in Fighting. It’s great for Uppercuts, Hooks, Jabbing, Straights, Overhands and any Combinations at all distances and angles.”

“This technology, I believe will be in every gym in the near future, replacing the old rage-filled, droopy heavy bags, or at least having a combination of both style bags.”

The bag Manufacturer, Rival Boxing USA and Taylor Made, warranty the durability of the bag will withstand the hardest of punches in any size glove.

We asked Derek if there were any drawbacks to using this bag and he told us “No, not really… Just check the water level in it every so often to refill a small amount if needed, and like all other bags make sure you sanitize it.”

The bag itself prices out between $180.00 – $230.00 depending on shipping and location.

Don’t forget to check out www.rivalboxing.us for all the latest boxing equipment and apparel and for more on this subject and other visit www.derekcandelore.com

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