The next week is all about the launching of the Samsung Galaxy fold, a brand-new collection from Samsung

Although there are reviews opposing the folding scheme of Samsung Galaxy yet the scheduled launching is not delayed and altered. However, the company is little obsessed about the opposite reviews for the next model of Galaxy but the risk is decided to be taken so that the dream to give the word a folding technology could be brought to reality.

As per the reports from early reviewers, it is said that the device is too much tender and it has higher chances to be broken after a few days of use. The smartphone is 4.6 inch with an opening structure of a 7.3-inch tablet.

The reviews reporting about Samsung Galaxy Fold in a negative manner have been kept back and nullified by the company as per the statement was given to CNN business, “excluding the protective layer or uniting adhesives to the central display may begin the damage.

We will assure this message is audibly delivered to our buyers.” That statement clearly mentioned the chances through which the smartphone may be affected and also the company assured to the customers to be updated about the best manual to keep their phone safe.

Although it has already become a negative review about the Samsung Galaxy fold as the reports are showing the chances of risk not only to the users if they’re having this cell phone.

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But also the risk to the company if they launch it yet the company has decided not to alter its schedule for the launching of this model. In the statement, IDC research Director Roman Llamas told CNN business, “ Was the [Galaxy Fold] risky? Of course, but risk travels hand in hand with innovation and something that companies have learned to embrace. Very rarely does a first-generation product-especially something as hyped up like this one live up to expectations.”

The company should not bear a setback and that’s why the advice is made to be very clear about the solutions to the problems if they actually and ever occur to the users.

“Something needs to look into these cases quickly and be clear with the public, particularly those with pre-orders, about the cause of the issues, how they will be fixed, and how they will be prevented moving forward,” Stephanie Tomsett said.

Further stated, “Consumers are likely to be concerned about this news, and their concerns need to be addressed to ensure that this new device is as popular as previously expected.” The research analyst at ABI research, Stephanie Tomsett overall tried to make sure the consumers not to be worried and put faith on the new launch as they did on the previous one.

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