This is How Internet is Affecting Kids

As we all know, the Internet is a collection of many networks which can sometimes be useful and knowledgeable to its users. But, after seeing recent cases of cyber-attacks and exploits, security on the Internet is a tough question to discuss. The Internet allows users from various places around the globe to connect and see things from their point of perception.

Internet for Kids is an interesting as well as a conspiring topic to debate because of its various pros and cons. The pros include the availability of knowledge and intellect from all around the world that can be accessed for free by the children, provided they have an internet connection available.

Usage of the Internet has now shifted to the other end. Cyber Bullying is now one of the top-most concern for parents in the United States. Their anxiety is considered purely rational as stated by Jean M. Twenge in a cover story. The father of a 14-year-old suicide victim named Molly Russell stated that “exposure to images of self-harm on social media was a factor in her taking her own life.”

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The Washington Post also concludes the manipulation of the teens by the members of ISIS and other terrorist communities. They make severe efforts to recruit the children into their groups. One case was of a 12-year-old German Iraqi boy, who was influenced to detonate a bomb near a shopping center in the western German city of Ludwigshafen. Sources say that the Islamic terrorist used to address the boy as his “Brother” and used Telegram to send encrypted texts and details about the attack.

Not only these, but there are many such viral cases that share the same concept of manipulation and exploits. The main action that can be executed to prevent our children from such terrific harms is their banning from the open Internet, where the concept of information is much higher than normal surfing. Violence, control, and exploitation are the primary things that can happen to anyone browsing the Internet. The fact is, our children’s soft mind is more prone to such attacks.

But, banning the Internet for kids is considered a bad approach in some aspects. Studies show that most of the children had never witnessed such activities but, had a very positive experience while using the Internet. The benefits include social media used to connect with people, informational and educational hubs, and many more. If we still want to prevent such cases, the one most important thing that we must do is educate our kids about such acts. And, as a result, make them aware of the outside world. This will help them in becoming a socially aware and law-abiding citizen in the coming future.

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