Want to Enter Europe? You now need ETIAS…

As soon as the year 2021 dawns upon you, it is time you need to apply for ETIAS if you want to reach Europe. The program will now be applicable to all the areas that were visa-exempt for visiting European countries so far. Here is what you should know about what exactly ETIAS is and how to take care of it if you belong to one of those regions.

What is ETIAS?

Well, ETIAS is an acronym for European Travel Information and Authorization System. The program is designed for preventing the high influx of migrants, uncontrolled tourism that can at times be risky enough for the proper management and terrorist attacks.

ETIAS Visa covers around 61 countries which are allowed to travel to Europe without the need for a Visa. After Brexit, even British nationals would need to opt for ETIAS. Those individuals from these countries can stay in the European region for a period of 90 days. During the period of your stay, you will not be able to take up any sort of work or study-related tasks. However, you can indulge in business activities or tourism.

How to get your ETIAS?

You will need to apply for ETIAS online. Make sure that you are applying for ETIAS well in advance and complete all your security checks in time before you take up your journey to Europe.

You need to answer a few questions as part of the online application process. You need to be quick enough with your responses as the questionnaire has a time span of 20 minutes. Ensure that you are honest with each of your answers. There are other details that you will need to submit including your nationality, gender, address, and a few other details. Pay attention to accuracy as it is the only option you can assure your entry into Europe.


What Next..?

Once you obtain your ETIAS, you will need to show it at the exit point of your country. You will also need to show it at the border of the country that you are visiting. You may also be summoned to show it as it may please the authorities.

Also note that just because you have ETIAS, you will not be ensured of visiting the European country that you want to visit. The decision to admit or not admit you rests with the border authorities. This is exactly why have been stressing the need for accuracy in your application. The new regime is designed specifically for the sake of safeguarding the borders of the European countries that belong to the European Union.

ETIAS once obtained will be valid for a period of three years after which you need to renew it, but each of your individual stays in the European region cannot extend by more than 90 days.

So, the new system is coming into force with effect from 2021. That would make it a couple of years and if you belong to any of those regions specified for ETIAS, it is high time you would prepare yourself for the new regime soon enough. More so, if you travel to Europe for any of the business activities.

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