Why Get Free Instagram Likes?

Today we are going to talk about the main reasons why might someone get free likes for their profile.

When you think about Instagram, you can’t possibly picture it without people liking their posts. Well, that’s what makes Instagram a pleasant place for people to enjoy.

Besides, there are many ways to get free Instagram likes either for your personal or business account.

Why Is It Essential to Having Instagram Likes?

Let’s assume that you’re scrolling the Explore Page up and down for a while.

You come across posts, some of them have great content in them, and some of them are easily recognizable from far away as there can’t possibly be something worse on the platform.

Either way, the first thing that you notice on a photo or video is their likes, view counts. Pretty understandable for a race that continually seeks external validation.

When you try to sell something or influence people on Instagram, you have to meet some specific criteria first. You have to be convincing.

Your job is to drive organic traffic to your page and make those potential followers stay on your profile for long enough that eventually they’re convinced to buy something.

That’s hard, and that’s why influencers make more money than typical Americans roaming the street

However, you can’t possibly force someone to consider buying your product when you have no engagement on your profile, even a single photo like is better than nothing in an instance like this.

Here’s the truth: people care so much about vague looks that they sometimes forget that they care about quality too.

When someone takes their first glance at your profile, it takes only one-digit seconds to either consider taking an in-depth look in your profile or ignoring your existence completely.


To sum up, we call this phenomenon as social proof. People tend to think that when someone gets attention, it is inherently better than their counterparts and competitors.

This is why there’s an old saying as “there is no such thing as bad publicity,” and we kind of have to agree with that statement

We can easily say that having a lot of likes on your Instagram isn’t going to hurt you, and it may help big time on your journey to utilize Instagram to its true, pure potential.

If you can manage to add on your publicity with great content and responsive behavior, chances are you’re going to win Instagram, and it is only a matter of time until you accomplish that.

Samantha Conley

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